Do you know “the System Distributing Emergency Mail” from school?

Do you know that every Elementary School and Junior High School in Iwaki City, deliver emergency information mails to the student’s parents in order to keep the security of the child, as part of security precaution.

By this system, parents can receive the various information about the suspicious person, alarm raising, early leaving schools due to mass cold, and change of the starting time for school’s class etc.

Recently, the information about change of the time for coming to school or leaving school due to launching missile by North Korea and natural disaster such as typhoon, were distributed.

Every Elementary School and Junior High School distribute the guide of the way to register “the System Distributing Emergency Mail” around April every year.

When you will receive the information about this system from school, please make sure to register it to keep the security of your children. For further information, please ask about the details of this system to each school, because each school has the various way to register it.